Andy Croft In the last fifteen years Andy Croft has worked in almost 400 schools all over the UK – in Nursery, Reception, Infants, Junior and Secondary, in Special Schools, EBD schools and PRUs – and with teachers on CPD days.

Many of these projects were led by organisations like the Poetry Society, Writing Together and New Writing North. In 2007 he developed a pilot project for PFEG (Personal Finance Education Group) using poetry to teach economic literacy in primary schools.

Combe Down: The Hole Story

Combe Down, Bath, 26 September 2009

Nothing Ever Happens Round Here

Borough Hall, Hartlepool, 15 June 2005

Horty Porty

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 8-14 August 2005


Middlesbrough Town Hall, 21 January 2004; Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 5-14 August 2004

Through Our Eyes

Durham County Council, 2010

Time in the Shape of a Mine

BANES, 2009


The Meadows School, Spennymoor, 2008

Keeping in Character

New Writing North, 2007

The Impact of Drugs

Mid and North Durham LIG, 2007

Operation Montserrat

Mid and North Durham LIG, 2006

For Want of a Pen

Cambridge LEA, 2006

Hartlepool Poems Against Racism

Hartlepool Library/Kick Racism Out of Football, 2005

Poems and Writings on the First World War

Mid and North Durham LIG, 2004

Em Eye Double Dee Ellie Ess Bee Are Oh You Gee Aitch !

16 Middlesbrough Primary Schools, 2004

Poems and Writings on the First World War

Mid and North Durham LIG, 2004

The Pot Doll

King's Manor School, Middlesbrough, 2003

Rhyming Riddles and Dizzy Diddles

The Meadows School, Spennymoor, 2003

Revolting Women and Other Poems

King's Manor School, Middlesbrough 2003

Cannibals, Plagues and Volcanoes

King's Manor School, Middlesbrough, 2003


The Meadows School, Spennymoor, 2002

A Shot in the Dark

King's Manor School, Middlesbrough, 2002

The Headland Hillbillies

St Bega's and St Helen's Primary Schools, Hartlepool, 2001

Millennium Bugs

Lynnfield Primary School, Hartlepool, 2001

The Paddocks School

The Meadows School, Spennymoor, 2001

The Great North Run

8 Primary Schools, South Tyneside, 2001

Chased by the Minotaur and Other Poems

Owton Manor and Sacred Heart Primary Schools, Hartlepool 2001

Disco Martians and Other Poems

Brougham Primary School, Hartlepool, 2000

If Jesus Came to Hartlepool

Elwick Hall, Greatham, Holy Trinity and St Aidan's C of E Primary Schools, Hartlepool, 2000

Heartland, Headland, Homeland

St Bega's and St Helen's Primary Schools, Henry Smith Comprehensive School, Hartlepool 1999

Where Does Sammy Squirrel Live?

Ing's Farm Primary School, Redcar, 1999

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry

Dene School, Stockton, 1998

Banishing the Curse

St Bega's and St Helen's Primary Schools, Henry Smith School, Hartlepool, 1998

Fantasy Football

Hemlington Hall, St Gerard's and Viewley Hill Primary Schools, Middlesbrough, 1997

What a Donkey!

King's Manor Primary School, Middlesbrough 1997

The Taste of Stars

Alderman William Jones, Attlee Road, Beech Grove, Cromwell Road and Grangetown Primary Schools, Eston Park Secondary School, Langbaurgh, 1997

Rhythm and Rhyme

A Creative Approach to Teaching Rhythm and Rhyme

The when, why and how to use poetry in the classroom.

Bloomsbury, 2015

Price: £14.99

ISBN: 9781472910691